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   Company Profile

PSQ Technologies, Inc. is a Canadian Corporation, founded in 1994, with offices in Canada, Europe and the Middle East. PSQ Technologies Inc. has extensive experience in the areas of Telecommunications, Networking and Satellite Communications. PSQ Technologies’ personnel carry several decades of experience in Satellite and Wireless Communications and have been involved in development of many novel products including some patented inventions involving Digital Demultiplexers for regenerative satellite payloads.   PSQ Technologies Inc. is well known in the Middle East for its projects providing Microwave and Satellite links for broadcasting and telecommunications.

Our strategy is to customize our solutions according to customers' requirement.

PSQ is a designer, consultant  and solution provider, offering highly reliable products and services worldwide. We have three major line of services:

  • Digital Video Broadcasting, 

  • Wireless and Satellite Communications,

  • GPS.

 Our engineers have extensive experience in design, marketing, commissioning and servicing in the following areas:


In the area of telecommunications, PSQ Technologies Inc. enjoys co-operation of a team of highly qualified engineers capable of design and implementation of various telecom equipment and systems.

In this field, our experts perform link budget calculations, develop system and equipment specifications, procure and install antennas, RF, and baseband equipment and perform system testing.

With regards to the design of the telecommunications equipment, PSQ specializes in the baseband electronics equipment such as high rate modems, error correcting encoder/decoders, image and speech coding, data compression and encryption circuitry. Our digital designers can provide the customers with the design, board layout, assembly, test and packaging of various telecommunications equipment. PSQ Technologies Inc. can guide/assist its customers with the procurement and component kitting for North American or offshore mass production of the equipment.

Satellite Communication:

In the Satellite communications area, PSQ can offer solutions based on the customers' requirements. We can supply space segment, required hardware and Internet connectivity. We offer both C and KU band connection for Internet connectivity and other applications. The Satcom System Division of PSQ Technologies Inc. provides end to end turnkey solution for both public and private applications. Our After-Sales Support covers On the Job Training programs to meet the end-user requirements for proper operation and maintenance of the installed systems. 

Resell/Distributorship Activities:

PSQ Technologies can also help customers with the supply of equipment from other manufacturers. Following is a list of the equipment we can offer to our customers.

We can supply Antennas, Cables (Coax as well as Optical), High Power Amplifiers (TWTAs, Clystrons) and SSPAs, Audio and Video Modulators, VSAT terminals, Satellite Modems, Signal Combiners and xDSL Modems, Various Test & Measurement solutions, and full range of Access systems including PairGain products.    

The market segments covered by us are distributed throughout North America, Middle East & North Africa and some European and Asian countries via distributors and sales channels.

We have an office in Iran, SAP Co., who is dedicatedly working with us and taking care of our interests in this region. We do also have  office in Europe, Advantex, which is working support our activities in Europe.