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   SATCOM- Broadcast:          

  • Broadcast Uplink Stations (DTV & IP-Broadcast) and Downlink stations

  • Satcom networks for applications such as intranet, video conferencing, audio and DTV exchange.

  • Satellite earth stations, for applications such as DTV uplinks, Skyplex uplinks, internet backbone, newsfeed links and so on.

  • RF equipment

  • Frequency converters in C, Ku, Ka-band, currently used in DTV exchange, DSNG links, audio exchange, internet links,  DVB Satcom broadcasting stations, and transmitter modules.

  • Proven products for Satellite News Gathering (TV and Web SNGs)

  • Managed contribution networks (fixed and mobile), fixed ground stations (compact uplink and downlink stations).

  • Offer the broadcasting components (Power amplifiers, up- and down converters, antenna control units), Control Stations, Network Management System (NMS).

  • Offer Audio and Video Modulators.

2-        Radio Stations:

  •  Studios: design, build, equip and setup complete state of the art with cutting edge technology studios.

  • Acoustics: Provide consultancy in airborne sound isolation.

  • Automation system: experts in play-out system, traffic and billing, Music scheduling etc…

  •  Content: provide consultancy in content format for Arabic, English and French speaking radio stations.

3-        Towers:

  •    Design and engineering of networks, services and stations

  •  Testing, measurements and surveys

  •  Logistic station services

  • Transmission site management and maintenance

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