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A cost-effective Mobile TV Headend with multi-codec, and multi-stream encoder, Encapsulator and modulator                                            

Apart from technical and commercial activities in satellite and wireless communications, including Internet access and digital TV broadcasting, PSQ has recently developed its own proprietary terrestrial Digital Mobile TV broadcasting system to provide an efficient way of carrying multimedia services over digital terrestrial broadcasting networks to handheld terminals. The PSQ’s system has a software based architecture providing flexibility in system modification, improvement, and new features implementation. It will have compatibility with terminals supporting DVB-H standard, OMA BCAST and IPDC.

PSQ’s Voyance platform is a H.264, multi-standard encoder optimized for mobile TV services. The system can stream up to 8 video channel and 24 audio channels. It provides an advanced cost effective Mobile TV services to end users for different types of services. The system includes Up to 8 decoders, 8 MPEG-4 Encoders, IP and MPE encapsulator, Electronic Service Guide (ESG), DVB-H signaling generator and a DVB-H modulator in a 2RU module.

The Voyance mobile TV headend   supports simultaneously up to eight independent digital video input (SDI), and MPEG transport streams over ASI or IP inputs and up to 24 embedded AES/EBU digital audio in SDI input.  The IP Encapsulator of the unit accepts MPEG 4 video signal from the encoders and converts it into an IP stream. It manages different data types including  a single program transport stream and embedded SDI audio streams.

Voyance MPE encapsulator inserts data services into MPEG 4 DVB compliant transport stream, preparing an ASI signal which can be distributed DVB-H content via a terrestrial network directly to handheld, mobile phones and PCs.  Voyance modulator is a cost-effective Hardware board to support ATSC, DVB-H and DVB-T. It will help the customer to run the system to test, repair, or run a performance testing It can also be used for signal validation or checking out whether the receivers can handle a new transport stream.

PSQ’s Voyance is an  end to end solution for DVB-H Mobile TV from SDI input to the handheld receivers.

The system has different software and hardware option to fit the customer requirements.

Key Features

  • ·         ASI, SDI, IP input

  •        Multi channel capable,

  •         Up to 8 video channels

  • ·         Up to 24 Audio channels

  • ·         H.264 and MPEG-4 part 10

  • ·          Video bit rate: 50 kb/s – 2 Mb/s

  • ·         Variable frame rate up to 30fps

  • ·         IP and MPE encapsulator

  • ·         ASI DVB-H compliant  output signal

  • ·         Streaming over RTP/UDP/IP

  • ·         Integrated scrambling for OMA BCAST and CBMS

  • ·         User-friendly Web-based control management

  • ·         10/100Base-T Ethernet output for 3G applications

  • ·         CBR and VBR encoding

  • ·         User friendly ESG

  • ·         Fully compliant with DVB standards and generates: MPEG  PSI tables (PAT, CAT, and PMT) and DVB tables (NIT, SDT, TDT, and INT)

  • ·         Multi-standard modulator with support for ATSC, DVB-H and DVB-T (HW option)

  • ·         All-channel upconverter 47 to  862MHz covering entire VHF and UHF band

  • ·         Output amplifier with programmable -30 to -3 dBm  attenuator

PSQ also offers a small system with the limited functionality for the customers who want to try a demo or small pilot. For more information please contact:


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