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                      PSQ's technical  team has installed more than 100 microwave and satellite links around the world.



  • Mobile-TV
R&D Project to develop PSQ's DVB-H product, supported by NRC under IRAP program Completed
  • TV Codec
TCI 2009 Completed
2 DVBT Head-ends, each with 10 streams Completed
  • IRIB 3+1
KU-and uplink 3+1 Completed
  • DVBT-mon
10 set of DVBT monitoring Completed
  • IRIB 1+1
Two 1+1 uplinks Completed
  •  Kerman
Uplink Ku Band 3+1  Completed
  • Press TV
Wireless Camera transmitter and receiver Completed
  • Aryan-M
4 X uplink 1+1 Base-band  Completed
  • Takta:     
4 X  Ku-band  3+1 Uplink Completed
  • Kavandish 
 50 link of Microwave      Completed
  •  IRIB 2+1  
 IRIB 4 link 2+1, base-band Radio Completed
  •  Nivan
4 Radio links with base band equipment of Tandberg TV, Radio link supplied by Siemens Completed
  •  Set-sp
4  Microwave 1+1 Radio link supplied by NEC Completed

Five SSPA 100Watt 1+1 From Advantec Five SSPA  100Watt 1+0  From Advantech Six HPA 400 Watt 1+1 from NDSATCOM

  • S-9042
50 link, base band E3 Awarded
  •  Alforat
    • Flyaway
    Flyaway from Gigasat for TV Alforat Completed
  •  Educational TV channel, Islamabad, Pakistan
    • ETV Pakistan
    Baseband, Encoder Completed
  •  Pakistan Television Corp. Ltd., Karachi
    • PTV Kerachi
    Uplink 1+1 C-band Completed
  • IRIR Islamic Republic of Iran Railways
    • Rah-Ahan
    1-4 channel G703-based (E1 and E3) contribution system Completed
  •   Indovision
    • Indonasia
    RF section of 1+1 Uplink Completed
  •   UOWO
    • GPS-UWO
    100 units of GPS Garmin Completed
  •   Telecommunication Company of Iran
    • TCI-1
    TV Codec Completed









TandbergTV Encoder 5720 is used in Uplink Kerman   

  • Uplink Kerman 3+1, December 2006

Our engineers supported by TandbergTV’s installation team has installed a 3+1 broadcast Earth station (reconfigurable as 2+2 or 4+0) in the city of Kerman.




              Iranian Railway (IRIR) G703-based  system

The system will monitor the information from certain southern cities in Iran. The system includes  two E3 and two E1 links.

 In this system, Tandberg TV TT6120 Medialink transport stream processor is used as a format converter.




1+1 Power section of uplink

  Telecommunication Company  of Iran (T.C.I.)

 3KW C-Band High Power Amplifiers integrated into an existing earth station for  Iranian national telecommunication network.